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Artificial Turf – A Glossary of Terms


The emergence of artificial turf and synthetic turf in both residential and sporting settings has been impossible to ignore. Massive advancements in artificial turf technology have essentially made it indistinguishable from its real life counterpart.
Sunthetic turf is becoming ever more technologically advanced and this is something that is reflected in the number of homeowners who are using artificial turf at their properties predominantly due to the fact that synthetic turf is considerably easier to maintain than actual grass. Synthetic turf is quite a complex construction and there are many terms that it may be a good idea to become au fait with for those who are looking to install an artificial turf lawn at their property or for those sporting venues that are laying synthetic turf pitches. It is safe to say that artificial has come on positively leaps and bounds since its inception and it is now of such a high calibre that the differences between artificial turf and actual turf are now negligible at best.
Artificial Turf – Getting to Grips with the Terminology
Improving your knowledge of the ins and outs of artificial turf will ensure that you will be better prepared to look after your synthetic turf once it has been installed and there are a number of terms that are commonplace in the world of artificial turf. Just some of the phrases that you are likely to encounter when it comes to synthetic turf include:
Infill – Infill is commonly used for synthetic turf installed for sporting purposes, such as 5-a-side football pitches and refers to a granular material, usually sand or rubber, which is laid atop the artificial turf to provide a level of cushioning and to keep the strands of the synthetic turf upright.
Fibrillation – In artificial turf terms, defibrillation refers to brushing the turf against the grain. This helps to remove any imperfections from the artificial turf immediately after installation. Fibrillation will also help to disentangle any conjoined pieces of astro turf.
Turf Lean – This refers to how artificial turf will tend to deviate from the vertical. The degree of turf lean can be controlled with the use of infill material such as rubber pellets or sand.
Urethane – This is the black material that is used as the base on most forms of synthetic turf. For artificial turf that is heavily utilised, such as for sport, it is a good idea to consider multiple layers of urethane to accommodate the additional usage.

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