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Getting the Best Value from your Artificial Turf Installation


It goes without saying that the economic downturn has hit many pockets hard but, so far as an artificial turf installation is concerned, there are a number of tips which can be followed which will help to ensure that your synthetic turf is as economically viable as possible. 

It is prudent to be as savvy as possible in the current economic climate and by having an increased understanding of the processes behind an artificial turf installation, it becomes easier to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum without jeopardising the standard of the finished product. Synthetic turf can be used for a whole host of reasons ranging from the surfacing of a sporting arena to the landscaping of a garden. Regardless of what your reasons for wanting to install an area of artificial turf are, you are bound to want to keep the costs down as a result of the current financial climate and there are a number of ways that this can be achieved. Doing your research when it comes to picking an astro turf provider is absolutely imperative because it is crucial that they are experts in the field and you should pick a name which is reputable within the field of artificial turf.

 Many to turn to artificial turf in 2009 

It goes without saying that artificial turf has so many advantages both in a sporting and residential setting and this makes it of little surprise that many businesses and homeowners will take the decision to make use of astro turf in 2009. Just some of the key things to remember when it comes to the costing of an artificial turf installation include:

  • Monitoring where the money goes – When it comes to installing a sport or residential astro turf facility, it is a good idea to understand which components make up the principle costs. The cost of installing artificial turf will vary depending on your choice of surface material, infills, defence mechanisms and various other components which go hand in hand with an synthetic turf install.
  • Professional assistance – The installation of artificial turf is a highly skilled endeavour and invariably cannot be carried out by the average DIYer. Finding an established installer of synthetic turf is crucial and they should have a proven track record when it comes to their installations.
  • Money Matters – Obviously, the more you are prepared to spend on your artificial turf, the higher calibre it will be. It is best practice to opt for the form of synthetic turf which is the most expensive that you can comfortably afford as the performance and longevity of the surface is heightened with the better versions.
 Ready to begin an Artificial Turf Installation? Speak to Tiger Turf NowTiger Turf artificial turf has been successfully utilised in all types of pitches and gardens all across the United Kingdom. From small local soccer centres to the high profile installations such as the warm-up area of Twickenham Stadium, Tiger Turf is taking its position as the all-weather football surface of the future. You will find on our website an online contact form or for direct enquiries please phone us on +44 (0) 1299 253 966.

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