About TigerTurf

Astrograss all-weather surfaces was founded in 1981 by former international cricketer, Graham Vivian.  Today, we continue to manufacture genuine Astrograss under the TigerTurf brand.  Astrograss' first surfaces were for tennis and cricket and these days most players prefer to enjoy their tennis on genuine Astrograss.

1987 heralded the first synthetic turf sand filled Hockey Pitch installed at Porritt Park in Christchurch.  This was followed by a sand filled pitch at North Harbour Stadium; a pitch that has lasted 22 years and is just now (November 2010) being replaced by TigerTurf's WETT Dressed surface.

In 1989 Astrograss installed its first all-weather bowling green at the Hikurangi Bowling Club in Northland.  Since then more than 300 greens have been completed.

With a strong vision of growth in the synthetic turf marketing, Astrograss invested heavily in plant and machinery with sophisticated tufting machines and multi funcitonal backing line allowing customisations of all surfaces and tight control on quality.

1992 Astrograss installed it's first multi-use surface at St Cuthberts College allowing a range of sports to be played on the same surface.

Throughout the 1990's Astrograss continued to grow, with an office opening in Melbourne, Australia and exports to North Asia and South East Asia.

2000 saw the commissioning of our new TigerTurf plant in Kidderminster, UK.  This was followed by export success in Japan and China and substantial local grown through multi-use facilities in schools - the benefits to kids, teachers and communities was apparent.  By 2008 400 schools enjoyed their sport on Astrograss.

In 2005 our name changed from Astrograss to TigerTurf to create consistency with our name internationally - but we were still manufacturers and installers of genuine Astrograss.

NZ's first FIFA approved fully synthetic Football Pitch was installed at Albany's North Harbour in 2006.  2007 TigerTurf completed its 300th Bowling Green at Te Atatu, Auckland.

Global expansion continued with the opening of a new TigerTurf factory in Austin Texas and TigerTurf South America being established in San Paulo, Brazil.

New products are continually being developed with a range of residential landscape, golf and playground / kindy products starting to emerge over 2007 and 2008 opening up new uses and new markets.

In 2009 TenCate, the world's leading producer of quality synthetic grass fibres and components took a shareholding in TigerTurf, giving TigerTurf access to leading edge yarn technology and related systems components.

From humble beginnings in 1981, through dedication to research and development and good old kiwi tenancity, TigerTurf is now at the leading edge of the global synthetic turf market in every aspect.  A kiwi success?  You bet!